Holistic approach

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Our approach is friendly, quick, and efficient! We offer various services, which in full make for the full green redevelopment of an outdoor space.


First Meeting

1. There is a consultation where we discuss our client’s vision and ideas, take measurements, photos and videos. 

2. The design fee is decided after the site visit according to the size and scope of the project and how much the client wishes to get done. Our design team then creates an accurate CAD + 3D and 2D renderings whilst applying our expert plant selection.

Design & Project Proposal


1. Custom Plans, 2D/3D renderings

2. Plant Selection

3. Recommendations for planters, accessories, furniture, hard landscaping features

4. Integration of objects and furniture you wish to keep

5. Budget estimation



1. Sourcing and purchase of all necessary materials (plants, containers, pots, furniture, accessories)

2. Organisation of efficient delivery (we will be present)

3. Physical Installation of objects according to agreed-upon design.

4. Clean-Up

5. We send specific plant care and watering instructions 

NOTE: We always remain available  to our clients for any questions they may have after installation

Got You Hooked?

If you’re ready to transform your outdoor space into a green oasis, or simply have some extra questions about who we are and what we do, then get in touch with us via the Contact Form on this website or using the contact information on the designated page!

Bamboo Balcony

Coming Soon

Get ready for an exclusive collection of plants of all shapes, sizes, and colors to bring a green spirit to your interiors and/or exteriors!