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We also do soft landscaping and maintenance for any indoor and outdoor plants.

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My Rooftop Is Green offers full solutions for outdoor landscaping and design. We cover everything, from A to Z, and are happy to make your outdoor decor visions come to life efficiently and qualitatively!

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Are you a small or a big business? A numerous family or a one-person show? At My Rooftop Is Green, who you are does not matter. We provide innovative and creative green space solutions for all sorts of spaces. Tell us your needs, and we will cater.

Do take a stroll through our portfolio – we take great pride in the diversity of our customers!


Our goal is to create value for our beloved customers. Whether they are people looking to add a green touch to their residences, or businesses looking to make their workspaces more sustainable and inspirational, our customers and their satisfaction are our No.1 priority. We could tell you about how well we do our job, but we choose to let some of our former clients detail their experiences: 

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If you’re ready to transform your outdoor space into a green oasis, or simply have some extra questions about who we are and what we do, then get in touch with us via the Contact Form on this website or using the contact information on the designated page!

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Get ready for an exclusive collection of plants of all shapes, sizes, and colors to bring a green spirit to your interiors and/or exteriors!